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Reza Behforooz

Reza Behforooz has been at Google since 2004 and is currently an Engineering Director on Google+.  He loves building products that make information freely accessible or enable communication in an attempt to make the world a smaller and a better place.  As a Senior Staff Engineer, he built several internet-scale services used by over a billion people.  He was the technical lead for real-time communication platform and later for a shared storage infrastructure used by most Google products.  He has worked on Google Talk, Gmail, Web Search, Android, Google Groups and orkut.  He also launched a couple of 20% projects, including an iGoogle gadget for typing in Farsi.  In addition to working with amazing people on shaping the web, his favorite times at Google are when he does job interviews for Massage Therapists by receiving a massage or when he gave a talk about Google search to hundreds of kindergarten kids.

Reza is currently a Strategic Advisor for Bina Technologies, a Stanford University spin-off, early stage company focused on computational genomics.  

Prior to Google, he held various engineering roles at two KPCB startups, Epiphany and Zaplet.  He started his career at Microsoft as a Product Manager for Hotmail and Passport.  Reza holds a BS with Distinction from Cornell University and a MS from Stanford University, both in Computer Science.

He enjoys endurance cycling, dancing to South American beats, painting abstract art, and cooking. He's also an avid traveler and has visited 35 countries.  Reza is fluent in Farsi and grew up in 4 different countries.